The Ill Communication


Leaving so soon? I recommend checking out some of these sites.

Giant Bomb - My primary video game website.

Retronauts - A podcast where they talk about the classics.

Penny Arcade - A webcomic about video games.

Critical Miss - Another webcomic, but this one is focused around an industry related to video games.

USGamer - This site has the one thing that giantbomb lacks: features. If you like to read big ol' features about games, then boy howdy, this site is for you.

Toonami - Building you a better cartoon show.

Chris Battle - A really great cartoon artist I like to follow. Did stuff for shows like Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, and Dan Vs., but that was to just name a few. Also check out his tumblr page.

No More Whoppers - A hi-larious podcast hosted by two friends. There’s a heavy dose of sound drops and Seinfeld references.

Hardcore Gaming 101 - More features about old games. This site is a wealth of knowledge.

The Fighters Generation - Possibly the best website dedicated to the fighting game genre; all in web 1.0 goodness. It even has daily news updates for the genre. That's DEDICATION!

KCRW - FM radio done right.

Kevin and Bean - Been listening since 2001. One word can describe this show: wacky.